ByFar, Faux fur and flares

black re/done cropped flares faux fur jacket

When it comes to faux fur all coats/jackets are not made equal! Although it’s everywhere at the moment, it’s still hard to pull off well because as fabulous as it can look, cross the thin line and it can look tacky too. Black is easier to get right at a lower pricepoint I think. Some of the brown and coloured ones on the high street can look a bit cheap sometimes. I spotted this one on Asos and thought it looked pretty decent for the price.  I liked the shape , the big shoulders and the length! It’s kind of bulky so my first though was to balance it out with skinnies but I decided to go full on 70’s in flares instead. These ones are from Re/Done and I’m totally obsessed!!

I actually hadn’t intended on putting this outfit in a blogpost, but I was out with my sister and she took these on the new phone (I got for Christmas). I normally take blog photos on my DSLR but these are all iPhone and I can’t believe the difference in camera quality from the iphone 6 I had been using. This is a bit of a game changer for me because I have small kids it usually takes a bit of organisation and dedicated time to take photos so  this will be very handy for more impromptu shoots when I’m out and about! If anyone can recommend a good, small point and shoot for similar purposes I’d love to know too!

It’s my birthday on Monday so I’ve decided this is my birthday ‘weekend’ and I’m using it as an excuse to fall off the new year health wagon spectacularly. Have a lovely weekend whatever your plans!

levis cropped flare byfar brown neva boots

The Faux fur edit

faux fur streetstyle by far neva boots faux fur jacket flares gucci web dionysus streetstyle black faux fur jacket flared jeans

Jeans- Re/Done

Jacket- Asos

Blazer- Stradivarius (similar)

Boots- By Far

Bag- Gucci

Jumper- Uniqlo