Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation review

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Magic 17
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Hi everyone,

I went back to using Estee Lauder double wear  a while ago having not worn it for ages. I started using it again not for the coverage it gives but for some reason the formula seems to suit me and it is the only foundation I’v tried that still looks relatively well after hours of wear. Most foundations either don’t last or seperate on my skin and end up looking patchy. When wearing double wear I always apply with my fingers and sheer it out though because it can look heavy and mask like depending on how you apply it! So I’m always trying new foundations hoping to find something with coverage but less heavy that lasts well and doesn’t look terrible after a few hours wear. Too much to ask?

When I heard about the new Charlotte Tilbury magic foundation and watched her (very passionate) videos about it on You Tube it sounded right up my alley. I think I may have been the first person on the Brown Thomas website the day it was released such was my enthusiasm! I bought this for €35 but I have just had a look on their website and It’s gone up to €40 for some reason. So thats annoying unless they made a mistake with pricing on their website to begin with, which is probable as it’s  €40 on Net a Porter and the Charlotte Tilbury website.

Claims and Blurb

There has never been a better ambassador for their own products than Charlotte Tilbury herself. If you’ve ever seen her talk about her line, she will make you want to try everything! She seems to put a lot of work into each product and is very proud of what is released. It’s infectious and bad for the bank balance. Luckily in this case the products more often than not live up to the hype surrounding them. I don’t think I’v ever disliked a Charlotte Tilbury product I’v tried.

My chemists worked for five years to create a “hyper-intelligent” formula that’s totally full-coverage yet completely weightless. The formula dispenses evenly over your skin and does not sit in imperfections creating your flawless second skin. Whether you suffer from acne, redness, discolouration or dull, tired skin Magic Foundation will give you a perfect looking skin day, every day!


I wasn’t blown away by the packaging. It’s fine- a nice glass bottle with a plastic pump and a rose gold lid. Some of the CT products come in the most gorgeous packaging though.


Credit must go to Charlotte Tilbury for creating base products to suit a huge variety of skin tones.  It can be a huge problem for people with darker skins or very fair skin to find their shade. The Magic Foundation comes in 15 shades so there is bound to be one to suit the vast majority of people.

I bought mine online so I didnt get colour matched. Very handily there are pictures of  models wearing each of the  shades on I picked the one that I thought was closest to my skintone which was shade 5. I could probably have done with 4 or 4.5 but 5 is a close enough match to work. I just have to bring it down my neck a little. I really love the colour though it adds a bit of life to my face.


So now for the important stuff. Is it any good? The short answer is yes. I really like this foundation.. a lot. I use a buffing brush to apply it and it blends so easily. It literally melts into the skin leaving a semi matte finish that is not at all one dimensional. The coverage is good and can certainly be built to full if desired but I wouldnt say it’s full coverage in the sense that Double wear is. My skin still looks like skin wearing this and doesn’t need lots of bronzer to bring it back to life. It can be built up in certain areas that need more coverage and it still blends easily and doesn’t cake.

A huge bonus I have noticed is this doesn’t settle in fine lines at all. Even some light and medium coverage foundations do this but this one sort of glides over them. ( This is my biggest pet peeve with EL Double Wear & it usually has to be blended in again during the day). Similarly it doesn’t cling to dry patches either. I have a lot of dryness around my nose which is accentuated by foundation but much less so with this. (Moisturise well before applying though!)  It does feel so light on the skin. You feel like you’re not wearing anything which is strange for something with such good coverage. It gives a flawless yet natural appearance.

The lasting power is reasonable with no noticable transfer onto clothes. It doesn’t separate or go patchy on me at all (a problem I tend to have). It’s not as long lasting as Double Wear- but I usually don’t have to powder or reapply  throughout the day .  I always have concealer with me for spots though as you can start to see them coming through a bit towards the end of the day.

All in all I am so impressed with this foundation, it’s the best one I have tried in a long time. In fact I think it may become my go to.

Would I repurchase?

I’v only been wearing this for two weeks but so far so good and I definitely think I’ll be repurchasing. I’m already thinking of getting another shade for when I have no colour or tan on!

You can buy Magic Foundation here, here or here– (BT don’t have full shade range- only up to shade 9)!