concealer stash review

If, like me you have less than perfect skin or you have fallen victim to the dreaded under eye dark circles, concealer is your best friend. After too many makeup disasters to mention most of us have come to realise that caking on layer after layer of foundation to cover a few spots is never a good look.

Concealer is probably the one makeup item I could not live without. No matter how tired you are or crap you feel it can make you look that bit more refreshed. I have tried ALOT over the years and here I will give you my verdict on a few of the ones I have on rotation at the moment !

1. Laura Mercier secret camouflage is hands down the best concealer for blemishes and spots I have ever tried. It will cover everything and moreover it won’t budge. Brilliant for those with oily skin. A little goes a long way so use sparingly and build up. This is quite heavy so I would say not really suitable for undereyes.

2. Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum cover foundation- is by far the most full coverage foundation I’v ever used. I find it too high coverage to wear as a foundation but amazing to use as a concealer. It lasts forever if used that way too.

3.Collection lasting perfection concealer– This cheap as chips concealer has a bit of a cult following at this stage and I can see why. The quality of this for the price is brilliant. I use it mainly for spots and blemishes although on bad days I sometimes use the tiniest amount under my eyes.

4.Clarins Instant concealer– I succumbed to the hype surrounding this concealer and gave it a go. On this occasion the hype was deserved, I love this concealer for under eyes. It is so brightening but with decent coverage. It is quite a runny  consistency so the coverage is surprising.

5. Rimmell Match Perfection concealer– Another budget friendly option, this is actually one of my favourite concealers. It is a great all rounder. Really good for covering dark circles and blemishes. It’s not at all drying but lasts the day!

6. Maybelline eraser eye concealerThis is a nice one for all round brightening up of the eye area but I find it goes a bit patchy throughout the day and is virtually non-existent by the end. On a positive note it doesn’t cake and looks light and dewy when applied.

7. Charlotte Tilbury the retoucherOn first inspection this looks like one of the many highlighting concealer pens out there. This however, has much better coverage and can be used on areas other than the high points of the face. It’s a kind of highlighting concealer/ blemish concealer hybrid. It’s gorgeous but has a little bit less coverage than the Clarins instant perfection.

8.Rimmel Wake me Up ConcealerI’ve read such rave reviews about this product. Everyone seems to love it. I don’t get it. It just seems watery and doesn’t do much of anything for me. I’ll try again to make this work for me but for now I’m not overly impressed.

…… And Finally the non-concealer concealers

9. Bobbi Brown colour correctorAlthough loads of people use it as such,this is not a concealer. It is a colour corrector which uses very peachy shades to counteract the bluish purple tones of undereye circles. This stuff is amazing for that but I think it works best under a regular concealer.

10. YSL Touch éclat This is such a famous product and used correctly is a fab one. Used incorrectly however, it can actually highlight bags under the eyes, something nobody wants. The coverage is not great but then again that is not what this is for. I tend to use this with another concealer to add a brightening effect!

My overall favourites are the Laura Mercier secret camouflage concealer for spots and blemishes and the Charlotte Tilbury retoucher for under eyes. An honourable mention has to go to the Collection lasting perfection concealer for everything. It’s a really great budget option!

Lou x