Don’t step on my green slingback shoes

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Happy New Year! I hope you’re feeling all refreshed if you’ve had a bit of time off! I took it very easy over Christmas and New Year which was lovely and now I’m ready to go full throttle. I’ll spare you another goals/ resolutions post but I do have a rough notion of the direction I want to go on here. I recently did a poll on Instagram stories asking whether you’d prefer to see fashion content or more lifestyle posts from me overwhelmingly Fashion and clothes came out on top. I was soo happy about that because that’s what I really enjoy doing and the whole reason I got into blogging in the first pIace! So I want to create as much blog content over the next year as possible rather than getting¬† too bogged down with the time consuming side of social media.

Obviously that side of things is necessary to build an audience and grow, plus I love being able to talk to people with similar interests etc.¬† But I’m really looking forward to getting my teeth into creating some posts that I’m proud of on here. I’ve been semi toying with the idea of doing the odd fashion You Tube video too. I don’t think I’d ever do vlogs or anything like that but talking about fashion and styling and some beauty stuff would totally be within my comfort zone. A bit daunting though so I’ll mull it over (procrastinate) for another while I think!



The statement flat edit

A bit about what I’m wearing and it obviously centres around my very pretty, very green shoes from Uterque. I only bought these the other day so I thought they’d still be available but they seem to be sold out now which is typical. Uterque has some other really cool stuff though worth checking out if you haven’t. I’ve added lots of other flats options though so there might be something there you like. I’ve gotten loads of messages from people saying how much they love these and some people thought they were hilarious. A few people said they reminded them of Darby O’Gill and thought they were like ‘leprechaun shoes’ so safe to say they’re not for everyone ;)! I love them though and hopefully I’ll be able to give my poor Gucci loafers a day off here and there over the Spring and Summer months.

One of my favourite go to looks any time of the year is a blazer and jeans. It’s looks so effortless (cos it is so effortless) but is such a strong look at the same time. A flat or loafer with a twist can really transform a simple outfit like this I think.