The Dyson Supersonic hairdryer review

When I saw that my cousin had gotten the new hairdryer from Dyson, I was intrigued to find out if it was, in her opinion, worth the hype/ hefty pricetag. I immediately asked her if she would mind writing a guest post about her experience with it  and she very kindly agreed. If you’re in two minds about this, her review below is well worth a read!

Lou x
Oh how I envy people who go through life just giving their hair a quick wash whenever it suits them and then letting it dry naturally with sometimes just a bit of product thrown in and it remains glossy and sleek and healthy looking with little or no effort. It is as easy as washing their hands. Do you know the sort of person that I am talking about? For example, they can throw their hair into a super stylish looking bun on the top of their head for a casual look and then just remove the hair tie to take it down for a night out and it will fall into gentle cascades of soft silk just brushing the tops of their shoulders with barely the need of a brush or a comb to put it in it’s place. Maybe I have romanticised other peoples hair in my head but this is how the hair of around eighty or ninety percent of the population looks to me.

My hair on the other hand receives about as much care and attention as a newborn baby does and can be just as difficult to sooth and settle.

I have so much hair that for years the running joke in my family used to be to find a pair of double doors for me to enter a building just so that I could fit my head in the door (I have lots of sisters. Being cruel to each other is how we show love). On top of that, my hair has the consistency and texture of aluminium wire. If I threw my hair into a casual ponytail and then took it down again, it would remain in the bubble shape of that pony tail until I took the hair straightener to it. It is not curly or straight but has a very strange kink to it that is not uniform across my entire head (i.e. there are some strands of hair that are more crooked than others) and years of abusing it by dying it blonde has also made my hair quite frizzy and unhealthy looking.

I go to the hairdressers frequently to a) keep it blonde and b) keep it smooth. I am a huge fan of the twelve week blow dry just to take the ‘width’ out of my hair and I also use the GHD religiously every day.

Have I painted enough of a picture of my hair? Good! Enter the new Dyson hair dryer into my life. Due to the €400 price tag I am not sure that I would have been reckless enough to spend that amount of money on it myself (you can buy a brand new washing machine for that sort of money for goodness sake) but it was my birthday and I am very lucky to be married to a man who just loves gadgets and new technology and also understands and supports my weird obsession with my hair (like I said – lucky me!).

So what is this new hair dryer that everyone is talking about? Well this is the science of it in a nutshell. Dyson tells us that it has created a hair dryer with an ultra-powerful, directed airflow (like those fancy rapid hand-dryers) with a heat-protection sensor that stops the temperature ever reaching the point where your hair and scalp get sizzled. There is a lot more about it on their website if you are interested but here I am just going to talk about the stuff that people really care about.

For starters, it is really light and small which funnily enough takes a bit of getting used to. I used to hold my old hair dryer not by the handle but by the barrel close to the nozzle. The barrel of the Dyson is far too thick to hold it there and so you must hold it by the handle. It’s not a drawback but I found it hard to get used to and control the direction of the airflow in the beginning. I soon got used to it though so don’t be put off by that.

It also comes with three magnetic nozzle attachments (A smoothing nozzle, a styling concentrator and a diffuser iron) which are an absolute joy to connect. No more wrestling with a red hot nozzle that falls off your hair dryer mid blow-dry to try and reconnect it. These attachments just slot on to the hair-dryer with a strangely satisfying little zhum noise and stay securely in place throughout your blow dry.


For the purpose of writing this blog I washed my hair and dried it with my old hair dryer and timed it. Now as I dry my hair in sections and straighten it as I dry it, this all takes a bit of time. With my old hair dryer it took me a total of 34 minutes (It is amazing what you learn with a stop watch. I was convinced that this had always taken me around 45 minutes. You live and learn). I then  rewashed my hair and timed drying it again but this time with my new Dyson hair dryer and lo and behold it took me only 16 minutes to get lovely, dry, straight hair. That is a saving of 18 minutes!!! If you are the one of those people who needs to wash your hair every morning then this saving of time could be a complete game changer. Now I also need to use a straightening iron to smooth my hair after I dry it (this normally takes between five and ten minutes) and I have read other Dyson Hair dryer reviews where people have said that their hair was so smooth and frizz free after using the Dyson that they no longer needed to use their hair straightener as well but I don’t know whether it is my technique or the type of hair that I have, or the Dyson hair dryer itself, but my hair looked the exact same after each blow dry with the old and new dryer and I still needed to use the hair straightener.

It really is super powerful and if you remove the nozzle on the dryer it is even more powerful again. It actually blew a medium sized photo frame straight off my dressing table so be careful where you point it.

You can lower and control both the airflow and the heat on the hair dryer if you so wish and this is handy if you are using it on a childs hair. My own daughter has very fine hair and when I first used it at top speed I found that it dried her hair so fast and tossed it around so much that her hair actually ended up being quite knotty by the end and so I found that a lower setting was much more appropriate for her. However, if you yourself have very fine hair and would need to turn this super powerful hair dryer down to the speed of an ordinary hair dryer, then you would have to ask yourself, “What is the point?”

I really do think that this is a great product and I absolutely love using it but do I think that it is worth the price tag? Sadly no. This hair dryer costs €400 which is around eight times more expensive than the average hair dryer and it just didn’t save enough time or effort for me to justify that sort of price. However that really is just my personal opinion. There are other people who would argue that an extra 18 minutes every morning is priceless so if you do just happen have €400 to spare or a generous certain someone in your life that you could drop a few little hints to, then you certainly won’t be disappointed with this product.

Have a happy hair day everyone!

Review by Rachael Culligan