High waisted trousers and white t shirt

If the 90’s and 00’s taught me anything (fashion wise) it’s that low waisted bottoms of any kind are not my friend. In fact I will go so far as to say they are not the friend of anyone ( Unless we’re talking about Britney circa 2001) and you should round up all your very low waisted jeans and consign them to the scrap heap. I used to live in them when I was in my early 20’s and athough I was slimmer than I am now, muffin top was an inevitable bi-product. Not to mention the inevitable crack flashes that make entering and exiting a car gracefully impossible.

However, I’m not here to slag off my beloved Miss Sixty jeans, but rather to sing the praises of all things high waisted! I will say that I have a long body (as in torso) so high waisted trousers and skirts have the added bonus of balancing me out a bit. For those of you that are lucky enough to have longer legs they’ll add even more length! The trousers in these pictures are from Mango and I would suggest having a look if you’re in the market for high waisted tailoring that doesn’t cost the earth. I love these trousers and the scarf belt attracted me to them but there are so many other great options there too. (Check out the widget below for more similar high waisted trousers from them)

Lou x

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Trousers- Mango

T-shirt- Asos

Mules- Zara (similar)


Horn necklace- Maria Pascual