How I deep clean my makeup brushes !

picmonkey IMG_1236
Hi everyone, hope you’re all enjoying the summer weather. Since it ‘s so miserable & I wasn’t going out anywhere I took the opportunity to do a job I hate- cleaning my makeup brushes. ‘They’ say you should do this every week but in all honesty if you aren’t a makeup artist most of us probably don’t do it that often. I certainly don’t, but I do tend to do it every 2-3 weeks and spot clean weekly in between. To spot clean I usually just use a brush cleaning spray or micellar water.

To give my brushes a thorough deep clean I used to just use baby shampoo alone. This works well enough but it definitely doesn’t clean them as well as I would like. I heard a tip years ago to add some olive oil with the shampoo and I’v been doing it since. The oil really help breaks down and loosen the makeup with the added benefit of conditioning your brushes. My brushes feel a lot softer than if I just used shampoo. I took a few pics below of what I do!

picmonkey IMG_1228picmonkey IMG_1232 I pour a good amount of each into a plate (using slightly more shampoo than olive oil). picmonkey IMG_1236picmonkey IMG_1243 picmonkey IMG_1245 Then I swirl my brush into both the shampoo and olive oil. Lather up!picmonkey IMG_1238picmonkey IMG_1263The amount of gunk that comes off is gross but strangely satisfying at the same time! rinse until the water run clear.picmonkey IMG_1260picmonkey IMG_1277 picmonkey IMG_1283picmonkey IMG_1267 picmonkey IMG_1290Finally I always make sure that my brushes are hanging over a sink or bath to dry as sitting them against a surface can distort the shape! What do you use to wash your brushes ?

Lou 🙂