I got a new Coat

I’m still trying to buy fewer clothes than I used to and use the stuff I already have much more so I haven’t been shopping for ages! However, I did get a bit of an itch the other night when the 20% off Asos for Halloween dropped in my inbox. By the time I got to have a look for something the promotion was over 🙁 so I headed over to H&M where there was 25% off one item.

When something like this comes along, I usually look at H&M Premium or Studio to make the most out of the discount.  I immediately fell in love with this very dark navy, oversized, double breasted coat and there was one left in my size. With the discount it was €119 which isn’t too bad for a quality coat in this style. I am delighted with it. It’s better quality than I thought it would be, I love the fit, the colour, everything. I can see myself wearing it all the time.

I’m a huge fan of wool coats and no matter how many I have I always have one eye open for the perfect one. I wear lighter coats and trenches here and there but generally in the transitional months I much prefer the look of a leather jacket or blazer instead. So I’m looking forward to wearing proper warm wool coats now! My favourite fit is always less fitted and long so I’ve chosen some more similar styles below!

Thanks for reading and if you have any suggestions or requests do let me know!

Coat- HM Studio sold out but v similar here

Shoes- Gucci

Gucci  Jeans- Topshop

Jumper- Asos (sold out)

Bag- Louis Vuitton Favorite mm


| Some other Coats I love |