Leather jacket with faux fur collar

other stories leather faux fur jacket

As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in the car while my three year old gets in an emergency nap in the hopes she can stay awake for the Late Late Toy show! It’s December 1st so officially Christmas season in my book! After this we’re going in to decorate the tree, light the fire and while the kids have some treats myself and Kenny will be drinking all the wine, eating all the cheese and crackers, mince pies, celebrations and just generally indulging in every Christmas cliche going. I’ll give my husband a break and hold off on watching Elf for another week or so!

I do love this time of year though. Fortunately it’s only ever been a happy time for us, but I’m so aware that that’s not the case for some people and Christmas can be one of the hardest times to just get through. It’s important to keep in mind people who may be struggling, whether that be financially, in their relationships, with grief, mental or physical health, lonliness – whatever it may be, the Christmas season can sometimes amplify those things for people so making a little bit of effort could make a huge difference to someone.

A little bit about the outfit. My star buy of late is this leather jacket from & Other Stories. It caught my eye immediately when I saw it and I live in my other leather jackets so can quite easily justify it in my mind! 🙂 I love it so much, the shape, how it’s cropped and the faux fur detail! It’s nice to have a change from coats at this time of year and this is a bit special. I love the way it looks but more importantly it’s warm too. Below I’ve chosen some other jackets that are  bit ‘extra’ in a good way. Sometimes just a small unique details makes all the difference!

other stories leather faux fur jacket other stories leather faux fur jacket other stories leather faux fur jacket

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other stories leather faux fur jacket

Jacket- Other Stories

Jean- Other Stories  

Boots- Topshop (sold out)

Bag –Gucci

Earrings- lapponia


Some other cool (but warm) Jackets