Maternity Style




Hi everyone!We’ve had some requests to feature maternity wear so here we are! I think most of us would agree the most important thing  to stock up on is everyday essentials. Vests, leggings, bras t shirts etc. A lot of times we can still wear our old  cardigans, jackets (to a point!) and accessories obviously.  Bump bands are fantastic for a number of things. you can wear one under a vest or tee to add length and make sure everything is covered! When you’re in that awful in between stage of not fitting into your own clothes but not looking pregnant enough for maternity  wear, you can wear your own jeans open, covered with a bump band. Also later on in pregnancy they’re great if your belly button pops out and you’d prefer to add another layer!H&M is brilliant for affordable maternity wear but you can’t shop online in Ireland yet so we haven’t included it here. Definitely take a look in store though!

Freya and Panache are fantastic underwear brands that cater for bigger boobs. ( Aine is an expert on this subject 🙂 and will be doing a full post on it soon!) Smaller sized maternity bras are available in most places that have a maternity line!

The outfits we have put together are practical, comfortable and adaptable. Most could be smartened up for a night out with a pair of heels (or if tottering around pregnant in heels sounds like your worst nightmare, some accessories)  and some are suitable for  both work and weekend wear. We will be doing an evening wear post soon that will feature maternity styles too.

Hopefully this will give you or your pregnant friends some ideas xx









New Look Maternity White Blouse – €23 Topshop Maternity Light Grey Leigh Jeans – €52 Zara Pointed leather espadrilles – €39.95 Asos Glasses – €16












ASOS Maternity Crew Neck Tunic 2 Pack – €27 New Look Maternity Stone Joggers – €18 TOPSHOP Sporty Barrel Holdall – €52 Birkenstock Black Birko Flor Narrow Fit Flat Sandals – €68




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New Look Vests €11.99  Pocket Jacket €59.99  Zara Jeans €49.95  River Island block heel sandals €58  Stella & dot earrings €49