My Autumn Winter essentials and Wishlist

straight leg raw hem jeans leather jacket

I’m always cold, and I hate being cold but I cannot wait to wrap up again for Autumn and Winter. It’s definitely my favourite time of year for fashion. I actually won’t buy a whole lot but I like to invest in a very small number of pieces that will fit in with and update my existing wardrobe. Im so glad I bought this leather jacket a few years ago because it comes back out year after year and cost per wear must be pennies at this stage. I’m 36 now and have had my fair share of experimentation (and disasters) with fashion. The thoughts of buying something for one season makes no sense to me. If I buy something I want it to last forever. This year I’ve decided on 4 main things that I know I’ll wear over and over again.

First is an oversized camel coat. I have camel coats that I love and wear often but a big, cosy, full length one would probably never come off. It would look fab for any occasion , special or otherwise  but equally would be fab with runners and jeans. Which leads me on to the second item on my Autumn/Winter wishlist. The Veja Esplar trainers in red have been on my radar for aaages since I saw them on Desi from Teeth are Jade. I have recently added some things to my wardrobe that I think they’d fit in nicely with aswell.

The third thing is probably no surprise. I’ll be getting a dark coloured or neutral bag of some kind. I think maybe a brown or taupe crossbody but I haven’t chosen one yet! I’d love a brown vintage chanel or something.

Finally I’m defintely going to invest in some good black boots. I live in them during the colder months and I want a good pair that I come back to every year.

Where I’m going to get the money for all this is anyones guess ha! Other things I’m seriously lusting after are a mums handmade knit which are just insane and I’d love a wool beanie from Acne. We shall see (I’ve great plans)  :))

Other than that though I don’t need a whole lot. I love Cos and & Other Stories  as well and H&M and Zara for knitwear but I will be very selective and only buy it if it’s essential (whatever that means!)

The mountain of unused clothes that are sitting upstairs that I don’t know what to do with have taught me a lesson at least. I will only buy clothes that I can see myself wearing for a long time. I’ll probably donate them in the coming weeks. I have loads of stuff with tags on, other things that are a crap fit that I bought throughout my 20’s because they were cheap etc etc. It’s such a false economy and the waste is awful. So for me it’s a few carefully curated pieces each season with the very odd trend item thrown in!

What will you be shopping for for the coming season?


straight leg black jeans balfern leather jacket topshop straight leg jeans gucci dionysus crossbody gucci dionysus mini bad all saints leather jacket

Sandals – Mango

Jean- Topshop

Bag- Gucci

T shirt – Rock on Ruby

Leather jacket – All Saints