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  • My edit of the best Autumn/Winter boots

    acne saul boots loewe puzzle bag

    Autumn is creeping in, temperatures are dropping which means wrapping up, layering, not having to worry about tanning, shaving or exposed skin! In this country we’re all well versed in dressing for the cold.

    Boots are a huge part of dressing at this time of year because chances are no matter what you’re wearing or what your style is you’ll be wearing a pair of boots of some kind. I’m a bit of a boot hoarder. If I see a pair I love I usually jump at them because it’s hard to find the perfect ones when you’re actually looking for them!

    I’ve been looking over the last few days for the best boots available to buy now and I’ve narrowed it down to my very favourites, in different styles and at various price points. There are some absolute gems and the high street animal print in particular is so much better than it used to be!

    I’ll be doing coats next so if there’s any particular type you’d like included let me know!