My most worn items right now

check trousers chloe c bag cashmere jumper

When I was getting dressed yesterday (into my new check trousers from Mango) I tried on a few things with it but as happens so often lately I ended up reaching for my cashmere turtle neck gifted to me a while ago by Theo and George. If in doubt I wear this. It’s become the most worn thing in my whole wardrobe at this stage. It’s comfortable, sits really nicely and goes with everything. Theo and George are also a sustainable, ethical brand (something that I’m trying to lean more and more towards) so I would have no problem parting with my money for this. I’ve even taken to wearing it with sports leggings. (not for the look to be clear, it’s just so comfy)

cashmere turtle neck veja trainers

I’m wearing another one of my most worn items with this outfit, my new Veja Campo in beige. I love how these look with pretty much everything, and I find Veja really comfy. I sometimes wear  white converse and Stan Smiths but I’ve never worn trainers as much since getting these!

veja campo beige neutral outfit
check trousers cashmere jumper chloe c bag sepiacheck trousers cashmere jumper chloe c bag sepia

Special mention has to go to my Chloe C bag. Its not technically a most worn item yet, but it will be! You’ll be seeing a lot of this!. It took me soo long to decide between this and the Tess bag in the same colour. In fact I ordered that first and then cancelled in favour of this one! I am so pleased with it, I love the contrasting black strap, the thickness of the long one and everything about it. Funnily enough I really didn’t like this when I first saw it, but it just really grew on me untill I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I sold a couple of older bags and bit the bullet!

camel alamo wrap coat nanushka

Finally there are two coats that I have been wearing on repeat for the last couple of months. Outerwear is my favourite thing to shop for and style outfits around. My camel coat was not an impulse purchase. I got it as a Christmas/ birthday present after I had been thinking about it for so so long. A camel coat is such a classic and I’ve had a few over the years, but either I’ve gone off the style or they haven’t lasted so I wanted to get a good one that I would have forever. I love this so much, I honestly don’t think I’ll ever buy a camel coat again. There’s a really similar one in Zara at the moment that I’ll link below.

camel alamo wrap coat nanushka
wool check warehouse coat

The second coat I’ve been wearing all the time (You’ll know this if you follow me on Instagram) is this gorgeus check one from warehouse. This was kindly gifted to me from them and it’s a gem. The colours complement my wardrobe so well and it’s a great one for days  when I want to hide! I just stick on leggings underneath.

check coat jeans and boots

I’d love to hear what you’ve worn the most this Winter?