October Wishlist


Grey Jumper// Over Knee Boots // Crecsent Moon Necklace // Khaki Fedora // Fringe hem jeans // Leopard Boots // Floral Wrap Top //Military Coat

I’ve ¬†just gotten back from ¬†Holiday in Spain and as soon as I got back I started the mammoth task of organising and putting away all the kids and my own Summer clothes. Although I love the sun so much, Summer dressing doesn’t do it for me as much as Autumn/Winter, so I couldn”t wait to dig out all my jumpers, jackets and boots! I’ve also been having a look online and there is so much I’d love to add my Winter wardrobe. I’ve chosen a few favourites from very long list!

I’m trying to be very selective again but if and when I do pick up anything I’ll add it to the shop on the blog as I go. So if you’re ever interested in what I’ve been buying recently that’s where you’ll find it!

Amongst this lot I’m especially obsessed with this Military style velvet coat and the Leopard boots!