Phillips Sonicare diamond clean toothbrush, Pixi x Caroline Hirons double cleanse & ‘The Ordinary’ skincare update


Lately there have been three things that I’ve been using every single night regardless of what else I’m using so I decided to pile them all into the same post. The first and most exciting for me has been the discovery of this toothbrush. Not to be dramatic about it but this is a total game changer! If you follow me on Instagram or Instagram stories you will know I drink (a lot of) coffee and red wine. Obviously both of these stain your teeth and over the last couple of years I’ve really begun to notice it. I had my braces taken off over 22 years ago (yes 22!) and since then I’ve had perfectly straight, pretty white teeth. Then during my last pregnancy they started to move out of the blue. I could actually feel the pressure of my teeth moving. (Just one of the many lovely side effects of pregnancy!) Added to this the natural decline and staining of teeth over time, I wasn’t happy with them so I decided to do something about it.

My dentist made me a retainer to stop my teeth from moving any further ( A bit of a pain but I now wear it every night). I also went on the hunt for teeth whitening products that wouldn’t break the bank. I’ve no interest in using lasers for this. After a lot of research I’m just not comfortable with it. I have used crest white strips before for my wedding and couple of other times periodically since and they definitely  do work really well. On the downside I wouldn’t like to use them too often and they cause me horrendous sensitivity. So I googled the best teeth whitening products and came across this article. With some reservation I decided I would invest what I thought was a ridiculous amount of money in a toothbrush. If I’d known how good it would be I wouldn’t have hesitated though.

I bought the pink version on amazon, it’s also available on  Harvey Norman.

The toothbrush comes with a glass charger that you just place it in to charge. This can last up to three weeks but there is also a travel case charger (pictured above)  that can be used with your phone charger. The toothbrush comes with 5 different settings depending on what you want. Clean, Whiten, Polish, Gum care and sensitive. You can move easily from one setting to another by pressing the on/off button once. I usually use clean followed by polish or whiten. After I use this my teeth feel so clean and I can honestly say I noticed a difference in staining almost immediately. It leaves you with the lovely fresh clean feeling you get at the dentist and my teeth look polished. I hadn’t intended on doing a post about this so I didn’t take before and after pictures but my teeth are without doubt a few shades whiter. The only negative I have about this is even the head replacements are quite expensive.


Onto the Pixi Double cleanse by Caroline Hirons. I showed this on my Insta stories when I received it and a few people have been asking for my thoughts on it. It’s very new so up to now most of the people I’ve seen reviewing this on You Tube and blogs are friends of Caroline and have been gifted it so I thought I’d add my two cents. I’ve done  a few skincare posts at this stage and mention Caroline quite a bit. She knows her stuff and although she is a part of the beauty industry she has managed to remain impartial, trustworthy and honest. I’ve read her blog since she began it so when I heard she was releasing a cleanser I had to get it.

So the cleanse and polish consists of two sides each containing 50ml of product. On one side is the balm cleanser and on the other a rich cream cleanser. I use balm cleansers all the time but rarely cream. I would say the balm is a slightly softer version of the Clinique take the day off balm. It’s more solid than the Emma Hardie cleaning balm though for example. Once it’s rubbed on dry skin it has an oily consistency and does a great job at melting away my makeup. I then use a wet cloth to wipe it off. I repeat this using the cream cleanser.

This cleanser does a great job of removing makeup without stripping the skin. It actually feels really nourished and moisturised after use.. You know it won’t contain any nasties such as mineral oil etc. It’s so so handy not to have to buy two seperate cleansers to double cleanse. I would buy this again and again were it not for the fact that I have flown through it. I find this with balms anyway, while oil cleansers like the body shop or simple ones last much longer and do a brilliant job too.  I need a good amount of product rubbed in well to really remove all of my eye makeup. I would prefer more on the balm side and a smaller cream cleanse side. That’s  just personal preference. All in all this is a fab cleanser that does the job well without having to faff about with lots of different products.Its available on Cloud 10 beauty here.

skincare ordinary active ingedients

Finally I wanted to update you all on how I’m getting on with ‘The Ordinary’ range of skincare. My first post is pretty long and comprehensive (here) so I just have a bit to add.

I’m still loving it and using the products  all the time both morning and night. ‘The Buffet’ serum is the only extra thing I’ve added since then which has actually become my favourite of the lot. It’s also the most expensive.. The other standouts are Niacinimide for breakouts, and the Lactic Acid which I use as an exfoliating mask. You can feel your skin tingle as soon as it’s applied and there is a notable brightness when it’s removed. I also use the Advanced Retinoid 2% every other night or so hopefully it’ll be beneficial longterm but I can’t quantify results just yet. The only product I haven’t used a whole lot is the Vitamin C. It’s most effective worn during the day because it reacts with sunlight but I find it balls up really badly and makes makeup look uneven and patchy over it.

I said it in the original post, but these products are no frills, simple but effective. Unbelievable value for active ingredients that work. If you are yet to give them a go they are so worth trying and it’s easier now they are available on asos (at a slightly higher price for some reason)

Lou 😉

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