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Hydraluron moisture boosting mask

Image skincare vital C Hydrating enzyme masque- Available from selected salons. I ordered mine over the phone from

I’m usually pretty good with sticking to a good skincare regime… except when it comes to facemasks. I love them but I hardly ever remember to use one. I suppose they’re a bit more time consuming than other things and you’ve to make a conscious effort to do one. Lately though my skin has been so dull looking it really needed something to perk it up a little. So on the recommendation of my sister I ordered the Image skincare vital C Hydrating enzyme masque.

I haven’t used much Image skincare in the past other than when I tried dermarolling a few years ago I was given a few samples as a post treatment follow up. I liked it then, but didn’t purchase full size products.  This enzyme mask is used to gently exfoliate dry skin, and to nourish dehydrated skin. So unlike some exfoliants it’s really moisturising and hydrating. The results are instant and noticable in my opinion. If you suffer from dry patches this mask is a life saver. Instead of just piling moisturiser on top of dry skin, which doesn’t really penetrate, this actually removes dry and flaky skin first. I love using this on it’s own but I’ve also been using  it together with another recent mask discovery- The Hydraluron moisture boosting mask.

This is one of those sheet masks which look ridiculous on but it does exactly what it’s supposed to do! It’s like an injection of moisture to tired skin. Again this is a lovely one to use alone, but I’ve been enjoying making the time to use them together as a sort of mini at home facial. This combo works really well for making skin look brighter and more hydrated.

Is there any other facemasks you like to use to give skin a boost ?

Lou x


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  1. February 5, 2016 / 12:00 pm

    I saw this mask on Instagram last year and meant to get it.
    I’ll take an instant shot of hydration any day xx Siobhan