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I was looking through my Instagram feed, and I noticed I’ve been wearing polka dots alot lately so I thought I’d put together a quick post with some of the best polka dot pieces I’ve found. I’m not a huge pattern person at all. I much prefer block colours (usually neutral, although I’m not as allergic to colour as I used to be). I do love a good stripe, the odd floral piece makes the cut sometimes and most recently I’ve been drawn towards polka dots everytime I see them.  Polka dots were everywhere last year and it looks set to continue into Spring and Summer 2018. See my selection at the bottom of the post.

I’ve been working on a few more posts recently that are sitting in my drafts. My blog is nearly three years old so it has coincided with my having small kids/babies and being pregnant (When I started I had a 3 year old, my second daughter had just turned 1 and two months in I was pregnant again )  but I haven’t really included a lot of personal experiences on the blog. I suppose I’ve been quite conscious of not having them (the kids) all over social media plus I’m not a parenting blogger and I definitely don’t feel qualiifed to give advice to anyone. But sometimes it feels a bit  strange for me to not to include the biggest part of my life on here at all. So going forward I might include the odd post here and there about my routine with three kids or how I try to fit in the ‘fashion blogging’ stuff while being a  stay at home mum. Maybe the odd kids fashion post too (because I LOVE dressing my kids). If there’s anything in particular along these lines you’d like to see please let me know!

Also I’ve nearly finished a my new levi’s vs vintage vs Re/Done post so if there any questions there send them my way!

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