Reach for the stars


Today was the most glorious day weather wise and everyone was in such a good mood and it made me realise how relatively grumpy everyone is usually. Like if we lived in sunnier climes would we be happier? Or would the novelty wear off. I’ve thought about emigrating so many times over the last few years and it’s never been the perfect time for our family or work. Living somewhere sunny and holidaying are obviously two very different things and real life takes over no matter where you are but I really think there’s a lot to be said for living a more outdoor kind of lifestyle. I love Ireland so much and I’m such a home bird in many ways but I hate how much time the kids have to spend indoors. Now I just have to convince my extended family to pack their bags and move en masse with us!

These pictures were taken on first day of warm weather and to say I regretted choosing leather trousers would be putting it politely. Is there anything more gross and uncomfortable to be in when the sun is shining? That aside I love how they look with my new jacket from Mint Velvet (gifted), I’m a big fan of navy and black together anyway and I love mixing textures. My Ross from Friends moment wasn’t as disastrous as it could have been due to the fact these are a more relaxed straight fit. It’s a subtle but cool update on the leather skinnies that everyone’s been wearing for years and I’m totally on board with it. These are faux leather from Mango but seeing how much I love them I’m scouring all my favourite online haunts for the real deal in a similar style.

star-embroidered-jacket-mint-velvet-louise-simple-style-blog simple-style-louise-byrne-star-embroidered-jacket-basket-bag louise-simple-style-alighieri-fortuna-necklace-cat-eye-sunglasses zara-basket-bag-mint-velvet-star-print-navy-utility-jacket leather-mango-trousers-chelsea-boots-utility-jacket leather-straight-leg-trousers-star-embroidered-utility-jacket-louise-simple-style-blog leather-straight-leg-trousers-star-embroidered-utility-jacket-louise-simple-style-blog

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