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I haven’t done a favourites post in a couple of months so this is a rundown of what I’ve been loving beauty wise over the last couple of months! I’ll start with make-up and move onto skin and body care


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Makeup wise I’ve returned to an old favourite of mine and picked up a new bottle of Estee Lauder Double wear. I always try new foundations in between but end up coming back to this. It has a reputation for being really full coverage to the point of being cakey but I really think it’s all about the application. If you’re heavy handed with this it can be built to a  very full coverage but likewise it can be sheered out, especially if applied sparingly and with fingers. I tend to mix a bit of it with other foundations and find that when I do my makeup lasts much longer and looks better than if I wear a different foundation alone. Lately I’ve just been using a tiny bit where I need it to even out my skin followed by a light layer of mineral powder foundation.

Bare minerals original mineral foundation is actually the only mineral foundation I have used and I love it. I’ve heard loads about laura Mercier and Jane Iredale versions so if you’ve tried those or can recommend others I’d love to hear! I avoided powder foundations for ages because I thought it would  look dry and powdery. I still don’t understand how they work but the finish bare minerals gives in natural and quite glowy if buffed in for a while. It can be built up in light layers to give a fairly full coverage too.

Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in nude shade 45  is my favourite lipstick at the moment. Rimmel are my favourite brand for more affordable lipsticks. There are a few nudes in the line so if you swatch them in Boots there should be one to suits most skin shades. This one is quite a dark nude so good for this time of year and doesn’t wash me out. I’ve been wearing it with Charlotte Tilbury lipliner in ‘Pillow Talk’

Another Charlotte Tilbury Product I’ve been loving is the colour chameleon eye pencil in bronzed garnet. if you haven’t heard about these they are eye pencils/ shadows that are tailored to different eye colours to make your eyes pop. I have hazel green eyes and i think the ones for green eyes make my eyes look greener!

Finally, I talked about my bargain find of the Olivia Palermo for Ciate cheek palette in TK MAXX  in this post. Now having used it for a week or so i wanted to include it here because I love the colours and formula so much. The bronzer is a gorgeous not too orange, not too muddy shade and both sides are completely matte.

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We posted a link earlier in the month on our Facebook page of an amazing deal from . It was a trio of First Aid beautys most popular products – full size cleanser, moisturiser and their facial radiance pads plus free delivery for just €22. Considering the radiance pads alone were on sale on other sites for €28. I couldn’t believe what a bargain it was so I ordered immediately. ( Keep an eye on our facebook and twitter pages for offers and sales we think are worth a mention!) I’ve used the facial radiance pads before and I am so glad to have them back. They are amazing! I always use an acid toner and love the convenience of ready to use pads. I notice an improvement in my skin when I use these. I’ve also been getting loads of use out of The Ultra Repair Cream. It’s a huge tub for both face and body. It’s very hydrating and hasn’t broken me out!

My last two favourites are beauty tools. I’ve recently started using my Clarisonic again after about a year of it gathering dust in my bathroom. I think I had been using it too often before and with a brush that was too harsh for my skin! I have now changed to the sensitive brushhead  the one in the pic is a body brush) and I only use it every other day. Apparantly the Clarisonic and brushes like it are suitable for everyday use twice a day.  That didn’t suit me at all but you’ll probably discover what your skin can tolerate pretty quickly. I’ve noticed my skin is clearer since I started using mine again and I haven’t experienced any irritation yet!

The last item I have to mention is a glass footfile I picked up in TK Maxx.  It gets rid of any hard skin and grossness from the bottom of your feet. Essential for summer. You can pick up variations of this at different pricepoints but I find the cheaper manual one does the job fine!

I’d love to hear about anything that has stood out to you recently. Let us know!

Lou x

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