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This post is weeks in the making because even though I’ve been a mum of three for two years now, it feels particularly busy right now for some reason. Coming out of the baby stage we now have three thinking little people with their own personalities and needs so negotiating it all, together with general every day life doesn’t leave much time for much else right now. I’m packing today for our holiday in a couple of days and we can’t wait for it..  My husband has been busy with work too so it’ll be lovely to spend some time with him. The kids get on really so well (most of the time) and are at brilliant ages to really enjoy a holiday like this (we’re going to a campsite) so the girls are so excited.  it’s also the first year in a while that we won’t need to worry so much about scheduling our days around naps!

I’ve been busy stocking up on holiday ‘essentials’. I’m confident that I’ll totally over pack as I do every year! I touched on it in my instagram stories that I will be starting on roaccutane when I come home. I’ve gotten so many messages about it, I didn’t realise so many people have been on it. On the whole most peoples experiences seem to have been pretty positive and I can’t wait to get going at this stage. My sister was on it years ago and her skin is amazing. Ill be documenting it here with some posts along the way but for the moment I’m going to enjoy my last few glasses of wine for a while on holiday!

On to the outfit. These trousers are from the reclaimed vintage section on Asos. A couple of my favourite ever dresses are from reclaimed  vintage so I always check that section whenever I’m on the website. The minute I saw these trousers they were in my basket. I just wish id kept some of the check trousers from my teens. I’m wearing them with one of the best purchases I’ve ever made- My Veja Espalar trainers which have been and will be worn to death. Hope you’re all enjoying the amazing weather!!


asos-check-trousers-loewe-puzzle-bag-veja-espalar-louise asos-check-trousers-loewe-puzzle-bag-simple-style-louise asos-check-trousers-loewe-puzzle-bag-veja-espalar-louise asos-check-trousers-loewe-puzzle-bag-simple-style-louise

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