Return of the granny shoe

You can’t miss the huge block heel trend all over the shops at the moment! Shoes, boots and sandals are ditching the stiletto in favour of a chunkier heel of varying heights. Now (In large part thanks to the Chanel black and nude slingbacks) ‘granny shoes’ or low heel block slip ons and sling backs are making a massive comeback. These are definitely not to everyone’s taste and I’m sure some of you are reeling in horror at the thought of sporting a pair of these. However if you’re sick of hobbling around in pain everytime you go out in heels these could be just the thing.
As well as the appealing comfort factor, they are super trendy, so uncool that they are cool!

All the big designers have brought out their own versions. Fashion bloggers and celebrities everywhere have been wearing them, so it was only a matter of time before the style trickled down to the high street. Now that it has and more and more people are wearing them and you get used to seeing them they may just grow on you 😉
The more I see them the more I like them- anything that combines comfort and style is a winner in my book. They can look really classic styled in the same way you would a pair of ballet flats. I especially love them with very cropped jeans that aren’t super skinny at the ends!
Lou x