Rosie for Autograph review and swatches


I love Rosie Huntington Whitely’s style and makeup and have done for years. So I am a marketers dream because if I’m honest I probably wouldn’t have given Marks and Spencers make-up a chance were it not for their collaboration with her in the form of the Love Rosie collection  – Rosie for Autograph.  I picked up 3 things from the collection to try. An eyeshadow palette in ‘deco diamonds’ €26, a lipstick in the shade ‘Lady Rose‘ €19 and a lip gloss or ‘lip glossy’ in the shade’ Sun Kiss’ €17. So how does it fare?

The packaging

So to state the obvious, the packaging is very reminiscent of the Charlotte Tilbury line. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and there is no doubt the rose gold (and beautiful) packaging is CT ‘inspired’. The boxes are sleek black with Rose Gold accents. The lipsticks have a magnetic closure giving a high end, luxe feel I wasn’t expecting. Otherwise the packaging is minimal  with a simple elegant ‘Rosie for Autograph’ embossed. Just lovely

The Eyeshadows

I’m so impressed with the quality of these eyeshadows. I’m relieved that I don’t feel I got suckered into buying low end make-up with an inflated price tag just because it has a celebrity name slapped onto it (ahem Kylie Jenner!). This product feels quality. The colour selections are all beautiful and wearable but I’m very happy with the one I went for in the end. The palette is a mixture of matte (the dark brown) and sort of pearly finishes (not too shimmery or glittery). It’s the consistency of them that really blew me away though. They are creamy, buttery and a dream to blend with a pretty good colour pay off. The pigmentation isn’t that of a high end product such as Charlotte Tilbury, but it’s above average and easily buildable.


Top- Lipstick in Lady Rose// Bottom- Lip glossy in Sun Kiss

As you can see from the swatches both of these are neutral/pink shades, a safe bet for me. The lipstick veers slightly browney pink and was apparantly formulated to mimic Rosie’s natural lip colour. It’s a beautiful shade that would suit a lot of skin tones I would imagine. The formulation again was impressive- smooth and easy to apply. It lasts ok. I’ve been using a lot of matte lipsticks lately and I’m used to their lasting power so perhaps my expectations were too high. It’s certainly no worse than any other velvety lipsticks.

I’ve been wearing the lip gloss everyday since I got it. It’s a very subtle barely there pink shade so easy to reapply while on the go throughout the day. I love that it’s not at all sticky and feels more like a lip balm than gloss. It doesn’t look as glossy as most of my lipglosses either- which I like but that’s a personal perference.  I would say they’re like a lipcrayon/gloss hybrid.
marks-and-spencer-makeup-rhwOverall everything I’ve tried from the range has been value for money in my opinion. The prices aren’t pharmacy/drugstore but I think the quality justifies that. When I went to add links I couldn’t find any of the shade names I have online. I don’t know if that’s because they aren’t  available or if they’re just called something else online, so I would recommend checking them out in store. I’ve linked the products that look the most similar anyway.

I’m going to try out some of the highlighting and illuminating products next  (cos then I’ll be the image of Rosie!)

Have you tried anything from the range ?

Lou x