Seville in June

IMG_0419Seville Cathedral

I recently spent a few nights in Seville with my family and as it’s so beautiful I thought I’d share a few pics of where we went, where we ate, what I wore etc. (Outfit links below)

A city break with two small children in the height of summer might not seem like the obvious choice but my husband was there for work so we decided to tag along! Our choice of  hotel was important because most of the hotels in the city don’t have pools suitable for kids and any that do are a good distance outside the city centre. In the end we chose the Melia hotel which was within walking distance of the city centre and had a fantastic pool with toddler area.

Our stay included their huge and varied buffet breakfast where anything from eggs, cereals and pastries  to rice dishes was on offer. By the time we left the hotel every morning we had eaten our fill (as well as stocking up on fruit for the day!)

We would then make our way into the city on foot or by tram. As with most European cities the public transport is fantastic. The first thing I noticed is the number of places to eat. All the way into the city on every street, side alley and corner is tapas bar after tapas bar. The options of where to eat are endless. The choice of food in these places doesn’t vary hugely however. Particularly in the very touristy city centre. There’s a lot of deep fried tapas such as croquets, Tempura prawns and patatas bravas etc. It’s actually quite difficult to find other types of restaurants in these areas but they do exist! We found a couple of fantastic Italian restaurants most notably Osteria L’Oca Giuliva. Their pizza was the tastiest I’v had in a while.  There are some fabulous tapas restaurants too, we especially loved a few of the local eateries that specialise in more modern tapas dishes such as Veloute, Pinchos y Tapas which is a five minute stroll from Bario de Santa Cruz (where I had the ceasar salad pictured below!).  If you’re after a really good steak, Kenny (my husband) raves about Milonga’s Argentinian steakhouse.

The city itself is beautiful, so picturesque with it’s cobbled streets and amazing architecture.

‘Few are the cities that can show off so many surviving and coexisting architectural styles. From the horseshoe-shaped arches and delicate wooden carvings proceeding from Moorish architecture to the simple but daunting structures of the Renaissance-escorialense period, Sevilla is an architectural enthusiast’s ultimate playground!’

The city is teeming with people and so atmospheric. On every corner there are street performers and buskers. Aside from Tapas bars every other shop seems to be a gelato stand or a  shop selling all sorts of tourist favourites like Flamenco costumes and fans. The old town or Bario consists of lots of narrow streets surrounded by well maintained traditional looking buildings. It’s so pretty (and shaded) but easy to get lost in. Narrow street after narrow street leading on to any number of squares can start to feel like a maze.

There has to be hundreds of horses and carriages in the city- they are everywhere, adding to the traditional feel of the place. Although it is hot the horses look fit, healthy and well groomed and cared for. The carriages are immaculate, apparantly passed down through the generations and a great source of pride for the families. It is a fantastic way to see the city and the drivers seem helpful and act a tourguides along the way.

One of the highlights of the trip for me was seeing the beautiful Plaza De Espana situated in the equally lovely  Parque de María Luisa. It is surrounded by water and we took a row boat around it which cost €5! Such a bargain considering things like that are usually a rip off in touristy cities.

We visited the Royal palace and gardens too which is lovely but not ideal for small children. Luckily there are plenty of parks and playgrounds dotted around. One of the playgrounds even had a mini zip line! All in all we really enjoyed our stay in Seville and it’s definitely one to keep in mind if you’re planning a city break any time soon!

picmonkey IMG_0003picmonkey IMG_0008picmonkey IMG_0128picmonkey IMG_0540imageVeloute, Pinchos y Tapas

picmonkey IMG_0211picmonkey IMG_0242Skirt- Zara (similar – I couldn’t find the exact one online but I have seen it in store. It is a recent enough purchase!) | Crop top- New Look | Sandals- Steve Madden picmonkey IMG_0259picmonkey IMG_0325picmonkey IMG_0333Plaza De Espanapicmonkey IMG_0339picmonkey IMG_0425
picmonkey IMG_0492
Our hotel swimming pool

imageLevis Vintage cut offs- Couldnt find any to link but they are available from Folkster, Topshop, and Urban Outfitters or cut up your own :)| Vest- Zara | Sandals- Topshop | Hat- Catarzi @ Asos (similar) you can get these anywhere much cheaper, H&M have lovely ones. | imageDress- Reclaimed Vintage dress Asos (same or similar in black) (similar) | Sandals- Steve Madden | Sunglasses- Randolph aviators
imageOsteria L’Oca Giuliva – Italian Restaurant

image image imageRoyal botanical gardens// Dress- Zara | Sandals- Zara (blue version) (similar

image IMG_06661Denim Dungarees-Topshop | Lace up sandals- Topshop