Styling white jeans in Winter

white-jeans-black blazer

Over the last few years I’ve developed an appreciation for white jeans after years of hating them. They were always see through and unflattering and even Liz Hurley in all her glory could barely pull them off (although she did persist!). It’s only when I developed my love of non stretch thicker denim that the world of coloured denim, particularly in white and cream opened up to me!

I know people are attached to their skinnies and I’m sure many people would look amazing in a white pair, but for the vast majority a very thin jegging type material in white is not going to be a good look. I once saw sincerely Jules wearing the Topshop leighs in white and they looked so good on her I ventured in for a try on. They were so bad on me I can’t even bring myself to post a picture. (The picture was for mine and my sisters own amusement)!

So my main tip for white jeans year round would be to find a slightly thicker denim in a shape that you like, with as little stretch as you’re comfortable with.

White and cream jeans have become one of my favourite things to wear in Winter. I wear them on repeat with lots of different things and the old american adage ‘no white after labour day’ no longer applies if i ever did!

My two favourite ways to wear white denim in winter is either with black or neutral tones. Both work so well with white and off white but really they can be styled with pretty much anything blue and black jeans can. If it’s something you haven’t tried before simply swapping your blue jeans for white with whatever you’re wearing usually works. I’ve selected my favourite white and off white jeans available below!

image on the left via Pinterest (origin unknown), Image on the right via song of style