Tailor made

red jeans pink striped shirt

This blog is mostly my personal style and taste and I never really include fashion ‘tips’ on my posts because everyone is so different. We’re all different shapes and sizes, have different tastes and lifestyles and my top 5 wardrobe essentials might be a world away from yours. If you pick something up from the way I do it then great 😉 Having said that there is one thing that I think makes a huge difference to how clothes look on everyone, regardless of all of that stuff, and that is how they fit. Celebrities obviously have their pick of designers and fabrics etc but their clothes always look so gorgeous at all these events because they’ve been made just for them. They fit like a glove. Most of us can’t afford anything like that and rely on ready to wear, highstreet clothes. You can get really lucky and find a gem that looks like it was made for you but how can anything made en masse fit everyone well? It can’t. Two people may be a size 12 but completely different shapes.

Most of you have probably gotten a formal occasion dress taken in or something like that but you may not have even thought about visiting a tailor with the things you wear the most. Alter a pair of jeans you love to fit perfectly and you may never take them off.  It can open up loads of possibilties for stuff you have in the back of your wardrobe that you can’t or don’t wear. If a top is too low cut and makes you feel uncomfortable, your trousers are too long, something is baggy and unflattering a visit to a good tailor will make you look and feel better in them. No one is going to spend money getting everything they own altered but if you have something you love but it could fit better it really is worth it. I think fit trumps everything in terms of how clothes look on.

I picked up these red jeans for a tenner in the last of the Zara sale and they were a size too big. I got them anyway because I loved the colour and then had them taken in so they fit my waist and look better with stuff tucked in. There’s the added bonus of not having to worry about a gaping gap exposing too much when I sit down. Tailoring your clothes is not always practical or necessary but it’s definitely something to keep in mind to get that cost per wear number down on some of your clothes!

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