Vita Liberata Body Blur – tanning body makeup

vita liberata-fake tanning

I have to apologise in advance for the repeated mention of Sally Hansen airbrush legs that is to come in this review! It’s the only other Tanning/ body makeup hybrid type product I’ve used before and I know a lot of you will have too!

So I’d heard a heard a few things about the Vita Liberata Body blur and was dying to try it but thought €37.50 was a bit steep for this kind of product. A 20% discount for Cloud 10 beauty pushed me to get it (along with a few other things I didn’t need) and I’m  glad I did.

The packaging is nice, feels a bit higher end (which it should) with a lovely rose gold lid. This is an instant self tan makeup that washes off, so the 100ml bottle isn’t going to last a huge amount of time of you’re using it regularly or all over.

vita liberata body blur-body makeupI used a tanning mit to apply a  very light layer of this to one of my arms (see pic). It applied very quickly and easily. There’s enough time to blend it in seamlessly without streaks before it dries. The first thing I noticed was the colour. The picture isn’t doing it justice (lighting issues!) but it is a gorgeous brown tan colour, much less orange than Sally Hansen. I hadn’t noticed before I put it on but there must be tiny flecks of something  in it because it leaves the most gorgeous sheen (not shimmer) on the skin. It just makes it looks healthier and more alive. As much as I like Sally Hansen it can look kind of one dimensional and makeup-y. This is much more illuminating and tan like if that makes sense.

This is definitely not just a tan though, it is makeup that covers everything with an airbrush effect. You can see from the pics how it has covered the very attractive veins on my hand with just the tiniest bit. It doesn’t just wash off as soon as you shower, It takes a bit of effort and shower gel to remove, so if you wanted to you’d get a couple of days out of it. So far I don’t think it transfers on to clothes as much as Sally Hansen either, but I’d need to wear it more and for longer to really test that.

It says on the bottle you can use this on your face so I tried a bit under my regular foundation and it looks fab! If you’re looking for that bronzey, summery look it works a treat.

I’d love to wear this every day but A- I can’t be arsed and B- It could end up being a very expensive habit! For the rare occasion I get my legs out during the summer this will be a lovely product to have on hand. I’ve also been using a bit on my feet and ankles regularly because no matter what tan I use there it always looks a bit dodgy. It works brilliantly for that (or any other areas that tan doesn’t sit well ). All in all this is a lovely product worn alone or over tan to perfect it. I’m glad I picked it up and hopefully it’ll see me through the summer!

If you’ve tried this I’d love to hear what you thought?






  1. May 9, 2016 / 2:46 pm

    I want this so bad… So bad everyone is raving about it. It could be the end for All other body perfecting creams

    I’m all for a little Blur!
    Siobha xx

    • A Simple Style
      May 17, 2016 / 8:45 pm

      It’s so good Siobhan, definitely worth a go!