Wedding guest outfit options!


After a hectic few years of many MANY weddings, I’m at the age now where the invites have slowed right down again and if one does pop through the door I’m very excited at the prospect of getting dressed up and having a good (& these days rare!) day out.  I remember the hassle of trying to find different things to wear when there were so many in close succession (11 one year!), largely with the same group of people. Buying a new and expensive outfit for each just wasn’t an option.

With that in mind, I’ve chosen some of my favourite high street (mostly affordable) occasionwear pieces to hopefully make the shopping side of things a little bit easier!

I haven’t included any jumpsuits here this time but I think they’re a fab option to wear to a wedding too. Topshop, Phase 8, Reiss and Asos are all good places to look.

Let me know which dress is your favourite!