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wedding-outfit-casual-styleYou know how celebrations in life come in waves. All the 21st’s come and go then it’s 30th birthdays followed by weddings, christenings etc, It always seems to be a famine or a feast when it comes to these occasions. A few years ago we had 11 weddings one year followed by 8 the next. I’m a bit of a romantic and I love a party so I’m very into weddings ( I’m even massively into the speeches…) but even I was all weddinged out at one point. They all started to blend into one.

But as we move further into our 30’s and the invitations become fewer and further between I really missed the excuse to get dressed up and meet up with all of my friends (something else that happens less and less as our lives get busier. In fact I would absolutely love a wedding these days. So since I’m not actually going to one this year (as far as I know) I thought I’d live vicariously through you (and indulge myself) by virtually shopping for what I would wear if I were.

Just a couple of pieces of (mostly obvious) advice from a seasoned wedding goer! Firstly I would style most of these dresses with a pair of barely there sandals of some kind and usually some gold jewellery. I think gold jewellery adds something to every outfit though so I’m biased. If you want to look good you have to feel good and be comfortable. Don’t choose anything that you’ll be pulling at and fixing all night. It’ll be annoying as well as making you look and feel uncomfortable.  Regardless of fashion trends, dress only to flatter your figure. If your legs are not your favourite body part, don’t wear a short dress. You just won’t feel your best regardless of how gorgeous the dress is. Get your underwear right. An ill fitting bra is enough to ruin an entire look and a vpl is all anyone will see. Don’t buy shoes that don’t fit right or you can’t walk in properly. Teetering along like bambi will detract from the most beautiful dress and there is nothing more uncomfortable and miserable than having sore feet. Finally if you’re uncomfortable or awkward in social situations, consider buying something with pockets. Just having somewhere to put your hands can be a bit of a crutch and help you look and feel more confidant!

Happy Easter! I hope you’re having a fab long weekend..

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