• The sun made an unexpected appearance this week and with it out came my trusty …

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  • When I was getting dressed yesterday (into my new check trousers from Mango) I tried …

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  • Over the last few years I’ve developed an appreciation for white jeans after years …

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  • I’ve been meaning to write a post about this for ages and it’s …

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  • Things I’ve been wearing on repeat

    Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about how to make the posts I create fit in with my life a bit more.  Over the last few months I’ve started posting a lot more stuff taken with my iphone which helps keep a bit of consistency. The logistics of arranging proper camera shoots can sometimes take a bit longer. I’d love to hear what your favourite posts to read/see are, do you prefer quality over quantity or vice versa?

    With all this in mind todays post is one that I think I’ll be able to start doing regularly. A ‘what I wore this week’ sort of thing. Except I’ve never done one before and the outfit blogposts have been a bit sparse lately so this one is a ‘What I wore in the last while’ sort of thing!

    I’m definitely a creature of habit and once I find something I like whether it be clothes or anything else, I will most likely (& usually unintentionally) buy it in multiple variations! Instagram has made me acutely aware of this little foible and I noticed there are a few themes that keep popping up throughout my feed. In an attempt to make myself more aware of what I already have (& don’t need more of)  and give my wallet a break I’ve collated the things I’ve been wearing most often  into categories of sameness! I also thought it might be nice for anyone interested  to see what I’m into lately.  First up my new found (surprising) appreciation for pink!…

    Pink without the prim

    pink-faithfull-brand-linen-dress-mesh-shopperpink-tshirt-red-jeans-louise-simple-style pink-jeans-weekday-voyage-louise


    Brown Polka Dots, Jeans and leather jackets



    Floral midi skirts

    floral-midi-skirt-white-shirt-basket-bag-louise-simple-styleurban outfitters-floral-midi-white-tee-hermes-oran