The year that was, Looking to 2017 and living in Levis!


Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!  Ours was full of Santa excitement and It really is magic again with the kids. We spent the morning here at home, beginning at the reasonable enough  time of 7am when the kids came hurtling in with their stockings. I think there was more excitement about the masks and tinsel pom poms in their stockings than anything else!

We went to my parents then, where we had a few drinks with neighbours and relations followed by the most amazing feast made by my mum. Unfortunately her culinary talents seem to have skipped a generation. I have high hope for my kids though! I love the week in between Christmas and New Year aswell. Although the first question we’re asked most mornings is ‘Where are we going today’? I always make sure to fit in plenty of time on the couch eating, watching tele and playing with the kids. I’m loving some of the British crime dramas on Netflix at the moment. I’ve just finished Happy Valley and In the line of duty (both brill) and I’m gonna start The Missing soon. All very festive I know!

Like most people I’m so busy all the time I don’t get a chance to look back and reflect too often but what better time than the end of the year.  I had my third baby back in February and since then the year has flown by in the blink of an eye. It really feels like he should be about 5 months old but he’ll be walking soon and I cannot believe it. They’re all getting so big so fast. Since I can’t stop time, my biggest hope for the year ahead is to continue to enjoy every minute with them while they’re still so young and want to hang around with me. I shall also be dragging out the Santa years till their teens 😉

With my daughter starting playschool soon (what!??) I’ll also have a bit more time in the coming year to work on the blog.  I really love doing it and want to thank you all for taking the time to read even one of my posts or for following me on any of my social channels. In case you cannot tell I really do love clothes and this gives me an amazing outlet to talk about this kind of stuff with other people. If  there’s anything in particular you’d like to see content wise for 2017 I’d love to hear it!

Finally just a bit about this outfit. I fell in love with the colour of this coat! I couldn’t see it online today but I only got it a week or two ago and it’s definitely in store. I got it in Large for a slightly slouchier fit. The jeans are Levis (From their collab with Chiara Ferragni) . The hashtag #liveinlevis is literally my life. I’m a huge fan of them and they just last and last. They’re a straight leg which I reckon we’ll see much more of in 2017. These are 501 originals (not ct fit)so I went down two sizes to fit as they do here. Chose your own size for a more boyfriend fit.

I’ll be back next week with a new post. Here’s to a fabulous 2017! Wishing you all a wonderful New year

Lou xx

levis-501-original-chiara-dark-camel-coatchloe-faye-beige-tan-coat-zara-bloggerrust-wool-coat-light-wash-denim-chloe-bag-bloggerstraight-leg-levis-chiara-ferragni-v-by-very-bootsmaria-pascuale-collage-vintage-necklace-chloebagrust-tan-coat-zara-light-wash-levis-chloe-fayetan-rust-coat-light-wash-levi-501-chloe-faye-bloggerJeans- Levis x Chiara Ferragni

Coat- Zara, sold out online but very recent and in store now (similar)

Boots- V by Very

Necklace- Maria Pascuale

Frill neck top- Zara

Bag- Chloe